Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Working on Orange Crush

I pulled out my Orange Crush bits and bobs and started putting some blocks together. I am now officially half way finished with Part 5. I know, I know, I 'm behind. Remember, I disappeared from Blogland for a while....and my sewing room......but now, I'm back.

So, today, I got busy and got lots done. Now I can finish up Part 5.....and see what happens next! I had debated whether or not to follow the rest of Bonnie's directions and make the quilt, or scrap it and make something fast and easy out of the parts. When I realized how much thinking would be involved in doing my own thing, I thought....hmmmm, finishing the old mystery is so much better.

Here is to getting back into the swing of things. I am still handquilting another small quilt...just for fun, for a table quilt. And, I'm still having fun.

Happy Quilting!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Last night, I put the binding on this little quilt. I finished up the quilting on it yesterday. This little quilt was a fast finish for sure. I did it all in one day. I took several breaks during the day and worked on it here and there.

This little quilt measures 15 x 19. The binding is very narrow and I love it!!! Here is the story behind that!

Yesterday afternoon, while I was quilting away on this little quilt, a man my husband worked with for several years called DH. We haven't seen him in at least 2 years. He asked if he could come by and visit with us and of course, we were glad to see him. Anyway, about 20 minutes before he arrived, I decided that if I got that binding sewn together and machine sewn onto the front, I could sit and visit and work on hand stitching that binding down. So, I ran into the sewing room, dug out what I thought was the 2 inch strip bucket and grabbed several red strips. I sewed them end to end and as I pressed them in half I realized that they were awful narrow! I had grabbed the 1 1/2 inch strip bucket!

So, what's a quilter in a hurry to do??? Go with it, of course! So, I got the binding sewn on by machine, hand sewed while we visited and FINISHED IT! Now, I know that that huge binding would have been a huge mistake! I think they call this "Serendipity". I've never used such a tiny binding, but I've discovered that for a small quilt, a small binding is perfect.

I know, everyone here in Blogland already knew that.....
but when it's new to you, it's Serendipity!

Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another TWO Finishes....

I guess I'm on a roll. The only problem??? My quilting finger and wrist are aching! I suppose I'll have to slow down on the hand quilting and switch back to machine piecing for a while! LOL

Here is a combination picture. The Pressure Cooker Quilt underneath the purse I made yesterday. The purse is pretty perfect in size, but IF I ever make another one, it will look much better. The directions confused me, but only because I wanted contrasting fabric on the inside while the pattern didn't call for it. Maybe that should teach me to make a sample following the instructions and then adapt and play with the pattern later. But, I am notorious for making something and saying, "well, that was fun, but I'll never do it again!" So, maybe I did right by getting what I wanted the first time.

The Pressure Cooker Quilt was fun to hand quilt. I took a leap and looked over the quilting suggestions, decided to do it the way it was in the book, but REFUSED to mark it! I just did the quilting free hand. Wow, it was liberating. No lines, quilter's tape, measuring or anything. Just happily quilt while I watch old movies. Fun, fun, fun. I just knew I'd have to mark the border, but by the time I got to the border, I felt so confident, I just free hand quilted it too! This is probably the most fun I've had recently hand quilting!

Anyway, I've also started quilting another little quilt and it's almost done too. More quilting without following any rules....and I'm having a great time. Wow, isn't this why I started quilting in the first place???? To enjoy it??? Yep, I'm back to the good ole days of having fun while quilting, but making less mistakes than before!! THAT'S a good thing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Happy Quilting!!

Oops, the last pic is a little blurry! Oh, well, I may never learn!!! LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Is On It's Way!!!!

Yesterday, I took the Four Seasons Quilt to the Post Office. I included some goodies and the package is on it's way to my swap partner. I'm crossing my fingers that she'll love it.

I also finished hand quilting my "Pressure Cooker Quilt" this morning, as well as the binding. As I type, the finished quilt is in the dryer getting it's puckered look. I absolutely adore a puckered quilt! My number one reason why I never pre-wash my fabrics. Only for swaps and when I HAVE to. (Don't tell the quilt police!) Sure, I'm taking a risk and I've been burned twice. But, in the end, the quilts weren't too damaged!! And, I kinda like the old, faded worn out look. Fortunately, there haven't been any really awful bleed areas like I've seen on some quilts.

And, sadly, there are no pictures today because I sent my camera with the kiddos when they went to the beach on Monday. Older Daughter and I both forgot to get the camera out of her bag and she's gone for most of the week! Ugghhh. We're working on a plan to get the camera home tonight, but I'm not sure it will work!

Shorter is better when there are no pics, so I'll end here. On to the next project!!!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Swap - Summer Finished!!!!

It's done and I'm so excited. I got it finished up before the deadline, July 31st. Now, I just have to get the package together and addressed, add in the goodies that are going along with the quilt, and get it in the mail to it's new owner.

This time around, I volunteered to send one outside of the U.S., so I'll be receiving one from another country! That's something exciting to look forward to. Where in the world is my quilt coming from?????

It has been such fun participating in the Four Seasons Swap, I think I'm going to try again for the next season. I have just as much fun getting my quilt ready as I have in receiving one!

Happy Quilting everyone!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Small Finish!

Special note: My older son is trying to teach me to use different settings on my camera. This is the outcome! Icky pics that you can't enlarge to look at. They are blurry! Next post, I'm going back to my old ways....

Here is the latest small finish! I love doing small quilts for this very reason. They are short term projects that give you the "push" you need to get things done.

This one was made to be a pillow quilt for my bed, but once it was completed, I decided I didn't like the way it looked on my bed.....so one to the next great idea! LOL I really can be fickle.

I suppose this one will have to go on a table top, or draped across a chair or couch.....or something. I love the colors in this little scrappy quilt, so where ever I put it, I will enjoy it!

Now, on to the Four Seasons Quilt Swap! I've started the large stitch quilting, and I'm loving it! No worries about the stitches. This is the first time I've used pearle cotton to quilt with, and it's not too bad. Setting the knot between layers is a bit more difficult and I take my time so I don't rip the fabric! It's turning out great.

Well, on to the Four Seasons Quilt.....and pics of it later. I need to get that puppy sewn up and in the mail! The deadline is fast approaching! Yikes, gotta hurry!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pay If Forward - from Jeanne

Surprise! I got a squishie in the mail today! I knew it was coming, but I was still so surprised. You should have seen the family trying to figure out who in Michigan was sending me a package. I mean, we do know several families in Michigan, but the last name didn't sound familiar to me!!! LOL

Of course not, I call her Jeanne.....and here is what came in the mail.

First, the sweet little card that looks like a purse!! and a little Michigan bear, which my 12 year old loves and wants to keep. (She can take care of him tonight is all!!!!) Here he sits on a little blue package. Inside the package??? These two adorable pot holders! Aren't they the sweetest? I love the back of them too. And, there are dots on the background fabrics.....and the colors are green and red (of course) and I LOVE green and red! So, there, they are perfect!!!!!

Thank you so much Jeanne! I love them!

I can't wait to sign up when the next Pay It Forward Challenge comes along!! This has been loads of fun!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pressure Cooker, it is!

Thanks everyone for the input. I'm calling my Small Quilt Challenge
the Pressure Cooker Quilt!

Here is what I've been working on this past week. I made this one to be a pillow quilt. When Dear Hubby got his hospital bed a few weeks ago, we moved the king sized bed out and brought in a full sized bed for me. I was able to put my string pieced quilt on the bed, but it wasn't long enough to cover the pillows.....so, I got to work on a pillow quilt.

I'm still using my king size pillows 'cause I love them, so the pillow quilt is a little large. The nine patches are 6 inches finished. I've been hand quilting this little quilt and it's been a welcome project for the evenings while Dear Hubby and I watch movies together. Something to keep my hands busy. It's almost done....just the borders left to quilt and then the binding! Yeah for me.

I have also been working on my Four Seasons Swap Quilt and I'm really loving it. It's machine pieced and hand appliqued. I picked up some black pearle cotton while out taking Dear Hubby to the Dr. today. I'm going to quilt it with a large stitch to bring out the "Primitive" look my swap partner likes. I never give any guidelines for the little quilts I want to receive, but man, next time, I'm going to ask for a primitive styled quilt. I really do like it! The pattern is from Meme's Quilts and is called Free Bird. I shrunk the pattern to make it the right size for the Quilt Swap.

And, here is what happens when your son moves home temporarily. He steals your cutting table! He recently resigned his position with one ministry and has 3 weeks before his new ministry job starts. He needed to set up his workstation, so he can continue his Web/Graphic Design business from home. He wandered around the house looking at tables, etc. and said, "Hey, Mom, this one would be perfect." I hesitated.....but, how could I say no to this sweet face? (Pic of Dear Son posing with his little sister.) It's only for 3 weeks....and it's not leaving this house!

BEFORE, an actual cutting table

AFTER, a desk

Happy Quilting!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pressure Cooker Quilt? or Dust Rag Quilt?

My Small Quilt Challenge top is completed! Yippee! Now, for naming it!

How many of you have the book, "Small Quilts Made Easy"? I've had this book for quite a while and really have enjoyed looking at the quilts inside. Cute, cute.....but I must admit, the one that captured my attention was the one she called her Dust Rag Quilt. She made the quilt using scraps and did it while watching a movie. It turned out less than perfect but she determined that if she didn't like the quilt, she could always use it as a dust rag! Her husband told her that would never happen, because she never dusted.

We'll, I used her Dust Rag Quilt as inspiration to make my Small Quilt Challenge and true to it's inspiration, it has some issues..... Oh well. I like it regardless!

I thought about naming it the Pressure Cooker Quilt, because things have been a bit nuts here this past week. We've had people in and out of our home (Home Health Care Aids), a friend from out of town and we lost a dear family friend this week too. So, in spite of all that was going on, I was determined to complete my own challenge.....just thought that would be nice.

So, maybe, I should call this one "Done is Better Than Perfect"!

Here is it....and PLEASE don't judge the poor dear too harshly!

BTW, I found out HST's are not my friend.....especially when I am in a hurry!!!! Dear Hubby said, I don't see anything wrong with it. Then I pointed all of the mistakes out.....he said, well, I still like it! And so do I!

Happy Quilting!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Progress is being made here on a couple of projects. But, today, I'm only talking about the Small Quilt Challenge.....

How is the progress in your sewing room? Remember, Saturday is the deadline to have the top completed. So get busy and get that top completed.

Here are those HST's I told you I was using for my Small Quilt Challenge. They are taking a bit longer than I thought, but I'm getting them done, one at a time. Can't wait to show you what they turn into!

Happy Quilting!!!!